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The Best Fitness Trainer ever!

The best workout app of all times! You don’t need a trainer, this app is the trainer on your palm. G****, Planfit User
Working out became enjoyable. As a result, my body fat ratio went from 31% to 23%, and I lost 6.5kg of fat and gained 0.7kg of muscle! J*******, Planfit User
If you are new to the gym, it’s easy to lose interest because you don’t know what to do. Planfit provides routines and guides altogether, and it really helped me gain confidence. A**, Planfit User
This app is a must for those who don’t have their own routine or who workout at home. It will teach you everything about exercise, from the start to the end. K*****, Planfit User

Main Features

 Workout Routine Only for You

Highly personalized workout routines

 Learns from your workout data
Fits your gym’s equipment setup
 Wherever you at, even at home!

 Exercise Instructions

Just follow us!

 Recommends sets, reps, and weights
 Detailed guidelines and videos
 Suggests options of similar exercises

 Progress Tracking

Track your personal records

 Visualized workout results
 Get your regular workout reports


Get fit with your friends!

 Share your activities to other users
 Your friends can give you thumbs-up
 Get motivation from a numbers of users


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