AI Workout Plan for Gym/Home

 AI Workout Plans?

Planfit’s ‘workout plan’ consists of a week’s worth of exercise routines.
A ‘routine’ is the daily workout plan, and are marked as ‘Day’s.
When you finish a routine, it will automatically change to the next ‘Day’.
All you have to do is just follow the weekly workout plan!
At Planfit, we provide AI-recommended workouts to help everyone achieve their goals in a faster, smarter way.
Whether you’re unsure of what exercises to do, or what the right posture is,
AI workout plans will solve your problems!
Workouts are generated to fit the equipment at your gym or home!
Also, they are customized based on your physical state and body goals.

  Exercising with Your Workout Plan

1. Select gym or home workout, and press the ‘Start Workout’ button.

2. Warm up your body.

Warm-ups are provided according to the target muscles of the day’s routine.
Videos make it easier to follow.
Press ‘Exercise List’ to see what’s next.
Adding or deleting exercises, and changing the order is also possible here.

3. Go through reps and time your rest.

Go to ‘Workout Log’ to see past records of the exercise. For Premium members, further analysis is also provided.
Go to ‘Replace Workout’ to choose an exercise to replace the current one.
Go to ‘Guide & Notes' to see detailed guides for the exercise.
Press ‘Edit Set' to change details for the set.
For quicker edit, tap on the number at the workout screen to change it.

4. Cool down and see results.

Additional Tips
 Change target muscle or ‘Day’
 Edit daily routine (Changing order, Adding or deleting exercises)
 Change settings to receive new workouts
 Stop workouts (Pausing, Terminating)