Alternate Heel Touch Side Kick Squat

Lower body, burning calories

Coach's Tips


How to

Starting Position

1. Ensure that your core is engaged and spine is straight throughout the exercise. 2. Make sure you are not arching your back during the exercise. 3. Do not over-extend your legs during the kick to avoid any potential injuries.


1. Lift your left heel off the ground, bringing your toes towards your shin. 2. As you do this, kick your right leg out to the side, keeping your foot flexed. 3. Lower your left heel back to the ground, and bring your right leg back to the starting position. 4. Lift your right heel off the ground and repeat the same motion with your left leg. 5. Keep alternating between your left and right legs.

Breathing Technique

1. Exhale as you lift your heel and kick your leg out to the side. 2. Inhale as you lower your heel back to the ground and bring your leg back to the starting position.


1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointing outwards. 2. Engage your core muscles and keep your spine straight and tall. 3. Place your hands on your hips.

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