Planfit Premium

 Planfit Premium

Hello! We are the Planfit team, always trying to find the best way to help our members get the body they want. The Premium features were created to help you workout in a smarter way, utilizing highly optimized workout recommendations and powerful analyzation tools that are powered by 4,120,000 workout records.

 Get Advanced Recommendations

Optimize workouts even more by choosing splits, duration time, physical conditions, and workouts to exclude.
Plan Settings - Premium Splits
Do you have a training split that you prefer? Choose from 3 Premium options. According to the split, We will recommend exercises that fit you the best.
Routine Settings - Workout Duration / Physical Condition / Excluded Workouts
Adjust the recommended routine to fit your schedule and conditions. Also, If you exclude workouts, they will not be included in routines.

 Analyze Muscle Group Performances

Be smarter and more efficient in your workouts with analyzations of your muscle.
Analyze - Muscle Group Performance (1)
Muscle Recovery
Strengths & Weaknesses
Analyze - Muscle Group Performance (2)
Workout Balance
Volume Progress

 Analyze Individual Exercises

Check progress for each exercise at a glance, using graphs. Also, compare your records to the average of other users that are similar to you.
See exercise analyzations and logs at the ‘Log’ tab. During workouts, tap on ‘Workout Logs’.
At the exercise analyzation and log page, you can check detailed records of the volume, 1RM, maximum weights, and etc by date. Also, average records of users similar to you are provided, so you can compare your own records to it.

 More Premium Features

 Exercise Replacement
If you can’t do a certain exercise, we provide recommendations of other exercises with similar effects.


Then do you have to pay to use Planfit?
 No! Our workout plans are still free.